transform your IT system with a business-driven design

Can we move to the cloud? This question is top-of-mind for today’s business leaders. There are many benefits that can be achieved through cloud computing, such as:

  • Increased workforce productivity with access to information anytime, anyplace, and from any device.
  • Real-time collaboration and results across personnel from any global region.
  • Streamlined IT management with technology security, deployment and upkeep, happening from a centralized location.
  • Faster speed of business in regard to agility, response time to changing customer and market needs, and simplified mergers and acquisitions.
  • Ability to attract and retain top talent—the best of the next-gen workforce, regardless of geographical limits.

Sounds great. So how can you transform your organization’s IT environment for the best business results?

the anyplace workspace® approach

The anyplace workspace® powered by MCPc, will give your employees the ability to work anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. And, it will allow IT to retain control, management and security of data.

While other vendors may only offer expertise in one aspect of your IT solution, MCPc understands the complete picture. We provide the end-to-end consultation and service you need to develop a business-driven IT architecture, purpose-built for your modern workforce.

With a strategic roadmap in place, we will work with you to start at the point that makes the most sense for your organization, and put long-term plans into place that achieve your vision of the complete anyplace workspace®.

The anyplace workspace® is powered by leading technologies from partners including VMware, NetApp, Cisco, Citrix, Eaton Power, HP, Dell and more. With these building blocks available, our experts are able to assess and evaluate your IT environment with the foresight to architect your ideal environment.

where will you begin?

There is no “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to the cloud. Every day, we partner with CIOs and CEOs to work through apprehensions around productivity, security and other complexities involved in adopting a cloud-based architecture. Using a consultative and strategic approach, we can help you find the best path for your organization.

Start at the beginning. You’ve likely begun piecing a modern, mobile workforce together by this point—so where are you along the path to your complete vision? What exactly are your business goals for a cloud-based IT environment, and how will you strategically continue down the long-term path toward the anyplace workspace®?

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an anyplace workspace® architect.

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